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Growth that will last a lifetime.

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to personal and career growth. Buckle up to become a stronger you.

Community that will last a lifetime.

We draw inspiration from a community that sparks the senses and empower creativity with a trust-based outcome-driven mindset.

Impact that will last a lifetime.

Work with world class brands and experts that have an impact on the digital experience of millions.

“Reflecting an unseen commitment to growth in the service industry, every two weeks November Five devotes an afternoon to internal ‘meetups’, four-hour team sessions designed to share knowledge across functions.”

Fast Company

100 Best Workplaces for Innovators - Global


Learn something new every day

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to personal and career growth. Buckle up to become a stronger you.

It’s about you

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to growth, and we're well aware that opportunity doesn't end on our doorstep. Our career coaches operate outside of our daily operations and will make sure you can achieve your ambitions in and beyond N5 with an actionable personal development plan. We embrace career paths that are as unique as our solutions.

personal career counseling

Grow faster together

Regardless of whether we work fully, friendly, hybrid or whatever remote, our focus has always been on impact and trust. The activity at hand, and most of all the people, determine where or when they are most impactful to the team, our clients and theirselves. That being said, we gather frequently in our hubs ー pretty addictive energy you know.

biweekly domain meetups

Pay it forward

All of us participate, in our own way, in defining professional communities and gatherings outside of company walls. Paying it forward and raising the bar across the globe. No fixed allowances, but the right motivation to build valuable expertise.

unlimited growth

When I started out as a rookie, I had the opportunity to taste from all the different ways to build products. I tried everything from iOS development, Adobe Air, motion, UI and UX design. By trying different things, I’ve learned what it takes to build great products, be a much better person and discover where I can deliver the right value.

Kjelle Vergauwe

Experience design lead

Joined 2010

Having worked for a product company before, I joined to build my client interaction skills and explore a more diverse range of technologies. A high stakes project with an entirely new tech stack immediately took me out of my comfort zone and put me in front of a key client. However, I never felt left to fate by anyone and never learned faster. As a result of talking with clients, I gained a greater sense of purpose, and I even practised my Dutch!



Joined 2017

In my previous job, I quickly realised I'm not the type to develop for eternity but was unsure about my options. In November Five, I found a company committed to my personal growth, with plenty of examples of colleagues growing into unexpected roles and a true willingnes to share stories & experiences.



Joined 2021


Spark your greatness

We draw inspiration from a community that sparks the senses and empower creativity with a trust-based and outcome-driven mindset.

Big city life

Inspiration doesn’t respond to meeting requests. You don’t schedule greatness. Our collaboration hubs purposely reside in the heart of bustling cities, connect us to equally ambitious companies and drive conversations throughout the day. We extend our golden workplace standard to your home, by taking care of personal workspace expenses.

City collaboration hubs

Home office store

Trust-based, impact-driven

As people and as a business, time is our greatest asset. Yet with a firm belief, we dedicate time to growth uncompromisingly and frequently. Not once a year, not limited to your team, not in the wee hours of the morning. Every two weeks, for half a day and across the company, we join our expertise and experience to make greatness happen.

Activity-Based Workplace

It takes a village

When stakes are high, and change and innovation are constant, things can get tough. We run that pace together, by believing and investing in authentic connection and friendship. Furthermore, we work with the pioneer in workplace wellbeing for preventive and curative initiatives and offer parents the opportunity to harmonise work and family life.

People culture

Wellbeing programme

November Five always strives for quality and impact. Offering many advantages usually reserved for larger corporations. Structure, solid strategic choices, smart compensation, flexible work and quality services like communication & HR. However everyone’s humbleness and commitment to impact rather than volume, preserved the benefits of what was once a small company. 'Small' enough to never treat anyone like a number, to truly know everyone and to have lunch with the CEO or the rest of the leadership any day.


Experience strategist

Joined 2021

It's great to work with smart people who are sincere, have their heart in the right place, and are always there for you when you need them!


Product manager

Joined 2017

What I like about working at N5 is the human approach with all things work related and in all relationships with your peers. Your work and efforts are appreciated and whatever you are trying to make or achieve, there is always someone you can discuss or work on it.


Testing lead

Joined 2016


Be a giant among giants

Work with world class brands and experts that have an impact on the digital experience of millions.

Global brands, local challengers

We work on defining digital customer experiences for world-class organisations. Among them Fortune-500 nominees and some of the world’s most valuable brands, as well as local challengers and high potential growth companies you’ll recognise from your own habitat. Regardless of size, we share a commitment to real impact in our partnerships.

a-list brands

Reach millions

The digital products and solutions we build are at the core of our client’s business. They define how customers experience their brand and glory, and drive the parameters that matter. Our solutions are directly and indirectly experienced by millions on any given day. An opportunity to amaze, inspire, eliminate frustration and save time for a better cause.

defining impact

Millions of users

Beyond the money

We actively support initiatives with a societal impact, and do so by providing our time, expertise and experience ー always complementary to who we are and what we can offer. Social mobility and climate lie close to our heart and community commitment.

Doing good

Give back to the community

The scale and importance of the products we work on ensures we always encounter complex and unsolved challenges. In many instances in regard to the speed at which userbases grow and the uncompromising nature of the experiences we engineer. Together with the team, we always get it done at record speed, which really gets my blood pumping.



Joined 2017

The strategic importance of our products always allows for fundamental thinking regarding solution architecture. We’re not just making things fit in, we truly partner with our clients to drive towards effective and sustainable solutions. In many instances our products introduce new ways of thinking and inspire improved architecture at the enterprise level. When that happens, these are some of my proudest moments.



Joined 2021

On top of building products that really matter to our clients and their customers, it’s the MVP-driven collaborations and methodologies, which increased my visibility on my impact as an engineer most.



Joined 2017



We’ve got you covered along the ride, by offering everything you’d rightfully expect ー and more.

Handing you plenty of room and financial power to chase your passions outside of work, and aim for a true work-life symbiosis in the one and only life we get to live. Yet to get it all, we give it all.


We focus on people, potential and conversation first. We are always hiring, have various internship opportunities and your homebase is entirely up to you with collaboration hubs in Antwerp & Amsterdam.

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People Growth & Performance


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