At November Five, we fuse business, design and technology. We help our partners strategize, come up with truly innovative ideas and turn them into high-quality products. We work end-to-end to shape, build and sustain digital products and services that will leave their mark.

November Five

We are an Antwerp-based, privately owned company with an all-encompassing love for all things digital. Started by four complementary founders in 2009, we can now count on more than 50 fast and furious team members. Our team-driven approach, partnership mentality, desire to push boundaries and thorough understanding of the full spectrum of technology is what makes us November Five.

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Our multidisciplinary teams are the heart of what we offer, and they always have your back. Our people go the extra mile, take ownership of everything they work on, and know the devil's in the details. Their resourcefulness and analytical-yet-inventive mindsets are the foundations that make our work sing.
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Our clients are always in the loop ∞ We help them shape ideas into solutions, build products using the optimal technologies, and follow up to keep everything future-proof. Our true end-to-end approach is what sets us apart from the pack.
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When it comes to the technologies we use, we shoot for the sky! To us, tech is the big enabler – never a dictator. We aim to push boundaries in the full spectrum of technologies, from mobile to web and from software to hardware. The first thing on our mind is a killer product – technology is our tool to make that happen.
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We’re not afraid to dream big. November Five aims to become a force to be reckoned with, present at the frontiers of digital innovation. We’re working tirelessly to build higher standards of efficiency and quality. And because we know our people are our biggest asset, we keep finding new challenges to unlock their full potential.