The Nordics and beyond: introducing German

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Tom Founder, Chairman & CEO

8 Sep 2016  ·  3 min read

We’ve been hiring awesome people to grow our teams these last few months. Today, we’d like to let the newest addition to our Leadership team introduce himself: welcome, Germán!

As you know, November Five has always had international aspirations. That’s why we just hired Germán Martínez Garza to be our first International Client Services Director. We’d love to let him tell you something about himself as he takes up his new role.


I first met Tom and Thomas in 2012 when I was still at Spotify, at an international roadshow we were organising…

“It was a great, refreshing talk – two 27-year-old guys telling us about their plans to conquer the world with a 20-people organization called Appstrakt. It reminded me of the setup I’d been a part of at Spotify just a few years before: a small team of smart, driven, stubborn, and very hard-working people convinced that we would change the way people consume music forever…

They introduced me to their Appmiral apps, which remain the best festival apps I’ve seen to this day, and I knew right away I’d have to work with these guys in some shape or form at some point. My first experiences with them as partners sealed the deal, and I was sold on their drive and expertise. November Five soon became a structural tech partner for Spotify, delivering different projects and products used globally by Spotify’s employees and clients.

Fast forward 4 years! I had since moved on from Spotify, but stayed in touch with Tom, who reintroduced me to the renamed and refreshed November Five, and showed me once more what they are made of. This team had managed, in the meantime to grow organically in all directions; staff, partners, industries, markets, technology, and their entire end-to-end service offering… So of course, I had to pop the question: Are you looking to expand to the Nordics?

The conversation once more grew organically, and today I am excited to join the team as November Five’s International Client Services Director. I will start building partnerships in the Nordics, my home market, from our new Client Services office in Stockholm. I’ll be leveraging our key industry expertise to local players, but also strengthen relationships with the Nordic chapters of our global partners, like Coca Cola and Spotify.


And of course, I’ll continue to support and expand our presence across Europe and the US. I am excited about this challenge – so let’s get it done. Here’s to the long haul!”

You’ll be reading about our Nordic adventures on this blog in the coming months… And friends, expect to hear from me soon!

We’re thrilled to welcome Germán to our ranks. Together with our entire leadership team, we’re confident he’ll be a tremendous asset to conquer new borders & fulfill our ambitions!