A very happy 2017

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Tom Founder, Chairman & CEO

3 Jan 2017  ·  1 min read

The first week of a brand new year is in full sway, and we hope you're all ready to embark on new adventures!

New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and we hope that you – like us – all had a banging night together with family and friends. We’re going to assume that that mean stowaway they call Mr. Hangover has left the upper deck by now…

So for this year, we have some wishes for you!

Good luck to those about to try to eat healthier, lose weight, stop smoking or get in shape.

Cheers to everyone who wants to pick up a new hobby, chase new experiences, travel more and see the world… 

And our full support to the people who are aiming to think more positively and face their fears and insecurities.  

Our team

Whatever your resolutions are, whatever you desire and strive for, we wish you can accomplish and have it all.

But through it all, don’t forget to keep doing what you already do best, and above all, to aim for the one thing that matters most: having a great time! 

We’re looking forward to another amazing year together.