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November Five is where digital meets emotion. Here, we craft and bring to life memorable digital experiences that resonate, inspire and endure. With bespoke digital solutions we tap into innate desires and stir genuine emotion to let you stand out in a sea of sameness. Together we inspire loyalty, beyond satisfaction.

Because when something moves you, you remember.


Fueling a digital revolution by uncovering and crafting unforgettable drinking experiences for the world’s top brewer.

A decade long alliance for memorable mobile digital experience with the challenger among Belgian telco leaders.

Reinvigorating the way news is consumed and disseminated in a long standing partnership with Belgium's no.1 news agency.

Turning anonymous travellers into loyal visitors with a positively memorable travel experience for Belgium's largest airport.

Infusing a digital kind of magic in mobile payments and operations to revolutionise the Coca-Cola vending experience across Europe.

Transformative connectivity enabled digital experiences for 10+ million people across the Caribbean and Central America with the region's leading telco and entertainment provider.

Enriching DPG’s high-quality content with immersive digital experiences that ‘Touch, Surprise and Inspire’ 15 million viewers, readers and listeners across Europe.

Working hand-in-hand we fuel global growth by blending tradition with innovation to craft moving digital experiences for customers and franchisees.

Together we are realising epic ambitions in Middle Eastern live entertainment, building on Soundstorm, already the biggest and loudest music festival of the region.

Unique yet consistent digital reader experiences for a vast portfolio of European media brands, at the cost of one.

Ensuring flawless people services excellence with digital experiences and solutions ready to serve today’s customers and tomorrow’s growth ambition.

Elevating digital presence into a strategic asset, reflecting Motive’s bold leadership of the global fintech investment landscape.

Breathing life into the often impersonal staffing industry with empathetic digital experiences that foster motivation, positivity and hard results at scale.

Ensuring flawless people services excellence with digital experiences and solutions ready to serve today’s customers and tomorrow’s growth ambition.

Empowering Spotify's commercial teams to hit high notes, with more time to forge genuine connections and seal the deal.

Elevating the New York Times’ digital branded content experience to match its global news leadership.

Empathic digital experiences and breakthrough solutions to turn complexity into peace of mind for the customers of this market leading insurance brokerage.



Movement away from mediocrity, in search for amazement. Determined to transform customers into passionate enthusiasts who not only spend more, but do so with heartfelt conviction. Together we overcome the limitations of technology, organisation and experience. Unleashing our partner's vision and the impact it can achieve.


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At N5, we're united in a deep-rooted commitment to quality and impact. Our shared passion for one another, people and experience fuels pioneering innovation. While our privately owned and partner-led organisation hands us the freedom to always think and move with a long-term perspective. Together, we do whatever it takes to redefine what's possible.

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The ever-moving digital world relentlessly pursues better ways to connect, grow, and experience. Yet, mediocrity is an all too common companion, too often we’re told to accept that ‘it is what it is.’ We defy that notion. Let us step into your world, and together, let’s redefine what’s possible, in search of more amazement, heart and results!