Hardware teardown: the Naran MicroBot Push

In the beginning of this year, we pre-ordered the MicroBot Push from Naran Inc, and we’ve been itching to try it out. Due to some manufacturing hiccups, the Push was only shipped out recently – perfectly on time for this month's teardown!

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Co-CTO & Founder

27 Oct  ·  7 min read

Hardware teardown: the Logitech Harmony Hub

We’re continuing our series of hardware teardowns! This month, we tackled (or more accurately, dismantled) the Logitech Harmony Hub, a device that aims to unite your connected home.

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Hardware engineer

29 Sep  ·  5 min read

How to connect the internet of things: Lora vs Sigfox

Are you working on a project for the ubiquitous Internet of Things? We compare two networking technologies to help you connect with the world!

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Web developer

6 Sep  ·  8 min read

Hardware Teardown: the Withings GO activity tracker

Here at November Five, we like to know exactly how stuff works. That’s why we’re introducing a new recurring topic: the hardware teardown! Our first “victim”: the Withings GO.

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Co-CTO & Founder

19 Aug  ·  8 min read

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