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Continuous integration for our native applications with Pygmy

Building native apps comes with a slew of configuration options and complexities. This is why we built Pygmy, another one of our automation monkeys!

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Cloud & automation developer

11 May  ·  11 min read

Our website performance commandments

Website speed and performance might be one of the most-repeated subjects in front-end land. Our front-end magician Sander walks you through his (not quite ten) performance commandments.

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Team lead - Web app

21 Mar  ·  6 min read

Our take on devops, part 2: Baboon

After our Devops 101 post, we’ll start introducing you to our gang of automation monkeys. First off, Baboon, who automates the creation of 'entities' in all November Five tools to help with housekeeping, security and reporting.

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Director product operations

2 Mar  ·  5 min read

Our process for tech assessments

We share our learnings and current process on how to screen a customer's technical stack.

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Director web development

16 Feb  ·  8 min read

Our take on devops, part 1: The history lesson

Devops is nothing if not a buzzword, but what exactly does it entail, and where does it come from? With this post, we kick off a series on our take on devops!

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Director product operations

19 Jan  ·  19 min read

Packages in composer

In this tech tutorial, we show you how to change a library package name in Composer… Use it wisely!

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Web developer

12 Jan  ·  2 min read

Jenkins serving Cake: our recipe for Windows

We walk you through our complete automated build process for the Universal Windows Platform, using Git, Jenkins and Cake.

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Native applications developer

5 Jan  ·  12 min read

Our designers' thoughts on prototyping tools

Our designers compare two leading prototyping tools: Framer and Origami Studio.

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Experience designer

24 Nov  ·  7 min read

Improving our project setup flow with RAML

Everybody knows that time is money, and you can never have enough of either! Well, that might be a cliché, but we still made it one of our main goals at November Five to not waste any time.

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Web developer

4 Aug  ·  4 min read

Spencer hacks: automating our garage doors

Our hardware team created a useful remote control hack for our office garage!

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Hardware engineer

15 Jul  ·  3 min read

Automating our office entertainment room

One of our awesome interns walks us through the project he’s been working on with us: the automation of our entertainment room.

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Web developer

3 Jun  ·  4 min read

Our designers' thoughts on Sketch 3.7

Our design team walks you through the changes and improvements in the latest Sketch release.

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Experience designer

14 Apr  ·  11 min read

Setting up a private Python Package Repository on S3

Team Product operations opensources a tool to install Python packages with pip from your private repository.

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Director product operations

6 Apr  ·  5 min read

Building our custom-made connected coin hopper

Our hardware team takes up some convenient office automation.

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Co-CTO & Founder

1 Apr  ·  6 min read

Slacking off: updating the way we communicate

Like many companies with, say, more than half a dozen employees, November Five was beginning to struggle with email, too. So we set out to bring the fun back into our communications.

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Research & content designer

29 Feb  ·  7 min read

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