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Our product testing workflow

Quality is an important company value, and we’ve been working hard to improve our processes. And because we see testing as one of the biggest quality drivers, we’d like to walk you through our flow!

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24 May  ·  12 min read

Adapting SCRUM: how we organise our development tracks

At November Five, we always want to make sure we are able to ship our products as qualitatively and efficiently as possible. In this post, we show you how we manage our development.

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Director client operations

17 May  ·  9 min read

Our designers' thoughts on prototyping tools

Our designers compare two leading prototyping tools: Framer and Origami Studio.

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Experience designer

24 Nov  ·  7 min read

You make us Q: designing the Q mobile app

We've written about our collaborations with Belgian media company Medialaan before, when writing about the VTM app we built. This time, we'll be talking about another one of Medialaan's brands: Q.

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10 Nov  ·  7 min read

Let me see that 'thon: our very first Hackathon!

What happens when you let four groups of our team members loose around the office for a weekend? Apparently, hacking magic! Take a look at the results from our first ever Hackathon.

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Co-CTO & Founder

3 Nov  ·  6 min read

Structural design: creating a website’s design language

A large telco client asked us to completely reconstruct their website – without delivering the actual product yet. A great opportunity to highlight the importance of building a coherent design system!

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Experience designer

20 Jul  ·  5 min read

Pass the Dutch

Our office family contains a couple different nationalities, and while we’re all fluent in tech talk, we recently offered three of them an intensive crash course in Dutch. Curious about how that went? Let’s dive into it...

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Talent manager

1 Jul  ·  5 min read

How consumer trends enrich your products

You might think that consumer research is boring… We’re here to prove you wrong! This post shows you how to use consumer trends to create products that add value.

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Team lead - Strategy & service design

10 Jun  ·  7 min read

Video revamp: redesigning the VTM application

The VTM app is one of our prize ponies. This year, we crossed a major threshold together: our one millionth download! Time to lean back and bask in our glory? Hell no! So today we present: the complete makeover.

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26 May  ·  12 min read

8 tips for user interviews that will improve your digital products

We're always working to make our processes user-centered! This week, we share our best advice for getting valuable feedback from user interviews.

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Strategy & service designer

13 May  ·  8 min read

An energetic project: building a self-service platform for Ferranti

Software firm Ferranti knocked on our door to help them expand their business model and build a new module for their flagship product.

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22 Apr  ·  5 min read

Our designers' thoughts on Sketch 3.7

Our design team walks you through the changes and improvements in the latest Sketch release.

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Experience designer

14 Apr  ·  11 min read

A very Android afternoon

All of our teams care about sharing knowledge, so Team Android got together for an educational afternoon.

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Team lead - Android

8 Apr  ·  4 min read

What is love? Spotify's Valentine Matchmaker finds out

Music as the spark for a romantic match: it’s certainly not a bad idea.

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18 Mar  ·  4 min read

Out with the old: selecting the right CRM

As any larger company can tell you, a well-oiled CRM system can be a tremendous improvement to an organisation. But when the system is flawed, it can cause a lot of mayhem and frustration for everyone involved.

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Strategy & service designer

1 Mar  ·  8 min read

Game of Watches: Designing for WatchOS and Android Wear

Love them or hate them, smartwatches and wearables are here to stay. Our designers compare the big players’ platforms: the big battle of WatchOS versus Android Wear.

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Research & content designer

29 Feb  ·  9 min read

What to do with HTTP/2

While we like our shiny gadgets and tricks here, we also keep an eye on the basics that power our digital business.

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Director web development

21 Feb  ·  6 min read

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