At November Five, we amplify your intelligence, assets and capabilities with ours to strategise, define, build & run digital products & ventures


We uncover, design and deliver strategic paths for digital growth. By applying our proven and purpose-driven methodology, we get you ahead of the digital curve. Together, we translate customer, market, technology and industry-centric insights to relevant intelligence, enabling us to define the substantiated foundation we need to create and conceptualise customer-centric solutions, supported by relevant business cases. We continuously adapt our digital and strategic capabilities. This allows us to seize new opportunities by tracking and enabling the latest trends, or by identifying new areas for digital transformation and innovation.


We co-define the product roadmap by translating strategy and purpose into functional requirements. Together, we combine experience design and architecture into a detailed description of the “what”, eliminating all uncertainties, dependencies and preconditions. We then work closely together with the execution team to determine the “when”, to generate a positive impact on the entire production planning.


We build distributed, cloud centric, cost-efficient platforms, with clearly defined responsibilities to enable elastic scale and performance. Together, our team of experts and our clients can design, engineer, test and release digital products, all on the agreed deadlines. We excel at curating and combining diverse, specialised services to achieve intelligent experiences and deliver business value. Our agile process makes sure there is full alignment across all team stakeholders and guarantees the delivery of a high-quality product.


We work in close tandem with the execution team to support our finished products and services through infrastructure and maintenance. Together, we guarantee the best possible end-user experience of a live product. Our after-launch support maintains, analyses and optimises the products we build. We also use our extensive expertise on cloud infrastructure and services to create a supporting framework that can handle anything, from advanced monitoring to scale and peak loads.