Ready for the future

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Tom Founder, Chairman & CEO

7 Feb 2018  ·  2 min read

Not so long ago, on the 5th of November, we celebrated our 9th birthday.

That’s nine years of impressive organic growth – from 4 to 80 team members, and from €250,000 to €8.5 million of consolidated group revenue. All while remaining an independent company!

We also funded, built and sold 2 portfolio companies, successfully brought Spencer to its next phase of growth, and have a new venture ready to skyrocket from our launchpad.

“Nine inspirational, productive and exciting years, thanks to the amazing driving force and support from you – our team, partners, clients, family and friends”

Together, we’ve incrementally built November Five and our ventures with the same agile mindset and framework we use for our products and projects. This approach has worked for us so far – but as we near a full decade of delivering a staggering intellectual, operational and financial growth, we wanted to look further ahead.

In 2017, we moved our focus from growth to reinvestment in our own future. The goals were clear. We wanted to shape a more unique proposition and build even more efficient and powerful operations. To boost all our team members’ engagement and their winning mindset. And to onboard both young potentials and senior experts to enrich our organisation and leadership, driving November Five and our ventures towards their full potential.

Today, we are ready! Ready to accelerate our team members, partners and clients into the spearhead. Ready to amplify your intelligence, assets and capabilities with ours to strategise, define, build, market & run effective digital solutions, teams and companies.

The entire team and I are looking forward to inspire and get you ready too!