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Vincent Chief Strategy Officer

15 Feb 2018  ·  2 min read

We started this new year with new goals, a new office, new engaging projects, and last week, a new website! So to keep up the pace, today we’re sharing our first complete paper, and kicking off a new knowledge-sharing tradition.

In 2018, we’ll be around for a full decade – so we decided last year that we wanted to move focus, from external growth to internal investment. Looking back, we realise we always kept challenging ourselves, continually questioning what we do, how we do it, and most importantly: why we do it.

Over the years, we organically grew from delivering high-quality mobile applications into functioning as an end-to-end partner – shaping, building and sustaining high-quality experiences through digital products and services.

But from the start, we’ve maintained a relentless focus on customer-centricity. Why? Because in today’s connected, saturated and converging world, companies are learning that delivering “experience” has become a key differentiator and asset.

We’ve been working as a partner for companies across industries for several years now, growing our understanding of the problems they face. We’ve fine-tuned a methodology of thoroughly investigating the context they operate in, and shaping meaningful solutions that can rise to the challenge.

We’re proud of the expertise we’ve built – and we’re ready to share!

After nine years, we feel that our methodology has matured enough to give something back. So today, we publish our first complete paper!

In this paper, we take you through the context and leading trends that shape commoditised industries, focusing on utilities, telco, and travel. We chose these industries based on our own expertise, and include examples from clients alongside inspiring cases from industry leaders.

We consolidated 2 years of specific experience into nine tangible, actionable recommendations to excel in customer experience through your digital customer care solution.

Why customer care? Because primarily in those industries, a great customer care platform drives companies’ digital customer experience. It’s the perfect starting point to bring your customer experience to the next level.

A great customer care experience will allow you to secure and grow revenue, boost efficiency, and build scale and profitability.

Our nine recommendations cover every aspect of that next-gen customer care platform: from strategy to UX and UI design, and from corporate operations to technical architecture. We don’t just want to be inspirational: we’ll show you how you can pragmatically translate your company’s strategic goals into concrete actions.

If that’s piqued your interest, click the banner to download our paper!