History in the making

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Tom Founder, Chairman & CEO

4 Mar 2016  ·  4 min read

Things are gonna change...

As you might know, Appstrakt was started in 2009 by four complementary founders. Nick is our web expert and hardware lab inhabitant, Vincent functions as our most passionate design proponent, Thomas is our native applications chief, and I am the strategist – if I may say so – and regularly dubbed the fireball of the bunch.

We had crossed paths professionally and personally many times before, having worked together on a number of occasions, and we started to realise that all four of us complemented each other well. We saw an opportunity to build high-quality digital products and more specifically: mobile applications, and we just went for it. We had our ambitions and we each had a useful skill set, but very little in the way of experience. It was a dive in the deep end.

We started out by focusing on the mobile market, which was a land of opportunity in the Belgian landscape, and soon attracted our first clients. We began gathering the kick-ass team that forms all of Appstrakt today, widening our scope and expertise with each new project and each new team member.

And then we grew to do so much more.

Over the past five years, we’ve kept a bit of a low profile (don’t worry, that’s exactly how we like it), while growing organically and swiftly into a young-but-mature company with over 50 amazing, talented and driven team members, a sizeable revenue, and a portfolio filled with well-performing products for a diverse set of clients. We’re supported by a small circle of external advisors and business partners, who shared their expertise with us and contributed to the way we run our business.

Together with our directors, Stijn, Bruno, and Ruben, we lead by example and work hard to be honest, reliable, and approachable even as our company grows.

Our areas of expertise and personalities set us apart, but our drive and ambition bind us together – and we try to impart it in all of our people, too.

We all share the same curiosity, love for technology, drive and ambition. Our combined, diverse set of talents, backgrounds and expertise makes the difference – and we’re always challenging ourselves to take it one step further. This is why we consider our teams to be the solid foundation of November Five.

And as our design and development teams grew, we added new services to our arsenal. Our growing Strategy & Service Design division takes client’s ideas and concepts from first spark to a solid, strategic foundation. And our guys in Product Operations streamline, manage and improve the frameworks that offers continued support to both our products and our internal operations.

From mobile development to the web, from all forms of software and custom hardware: today we embrace the full spectrum of technology.

Our focus evolved from execution to creation to innovation. Our clients today see us as trustworthy partners, no longer just a supplier. We grew into their full end-to-end partner, and we don’t take their trust for granted!

Together, we shape, build and sustain digital products and services that will leave their mark.

All of this got us thinking about the future – where do we want to be in another five or ten years? We have big ambitions – to be a reference in the digital realm, branching out further and follow the flows of innovation into the future. We strive to be a thought leader and a challenger – for our clients, helping them strive for the top, and for our team, allowing them to reach their full potential.

We want to work on our already pretty amazing company culture to become an in-demand employer attracting the greatest talents. We want to leave our mark with the most challenging and innovative projects and clients. We’ll lead, we’ll inspire, we’ll gather the crowds – and most importantly, we’ll have fun doing it.

As we thought about these aspirations, we knew that the name Appstrakt wouldn’t quite evoke the right image in new acquaintances’ minds. We’ve quite simply outgrown it.

This is why Appstrakt becomes November Five.

Why November Five? Because that is the date this brilliant adventure in the digital realm started for the four of us.

A great reminder of where we came from – and the many possibilities the future holds.