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Robin Client Service Manager

26 Aug 2016  ·  2 min read

With Appmiral, we build some of the best festival apps in the world. And since this year, we do so on four different continents!

We started developing Appmiral as an internal test case, investing November Five’s resources to turn it into a high-quality product. Working on Appmiral let our teams expand their expertise on framework-driven apps and rebrandability, while delivering a great product to music festivals – a niche that is close to our hearts, because Belgium is the homeland of so many great musical gatherings!

We were one of the first players on the music festival app scene – we’ve been building Appmiral apps since the launch of the original iPhone – and we’ve been improving and streamlining the product year after year since. We focus on our design and development framework and lean heavily on strong analytics. And with pretty great results: year after year, we build the highest-ranking festival apps in the app stores!


We’ve been working with some of the best festivals in the world – Rock Werchter is one of our oldest clients – and have had partnerships with businesses like Spotify and LiveNation and a number of brands over the past 7 years. They all trust us to deliver apps that improve the music experience for festival goers.

And we’re thrilled to see how that quality and trust have paid off: Appmiral now builds apps for festivals on four continents! While our home market is still Belgium and Europe by extension, we’re proud to say that our apps are now truly available across the globe. With the addition of Chicago’s biggest podcasting event, Podcast Movement, the incredible Rocking the Daisies festival in South Africa, and Gympie Music Muster and multi-city touring festival Groovin’ The Moo in Australia, our international family has grown across four continents… And we couldn’t be happier!

Appmiral in four continents

This year’s festival season is almost over, so we’re already preparing our backlog for next year’s iteration of our kick-ass framework… To keep the apps at the top of the game!

And of course, we hope we can add more parts of the world to the list and leave our mark on all continents (are there any festivals on the poles, I wonder…).

Want to be a part of this? Check out our website for more info, or contact Robin Van den Bergh on – he’d love to hear from you ;)