WWDC 2017 feature mini-demos: Guest WiFi access

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Yannick Engineer

15 Jun 2017  ·  2 min read

This week, we're playing around with a number of iOS 11 features that were announced at WWDC! Today: the new guest WiFi module.

Each year, our developers dive into the fresh material announced during Apple’s WWDC. In this series of mini-articles, we wanted to share our take on a few of the best new iOS 11 features!

One of these new features opened up a cool new opportunity for a future release of Spencer: a module for sharing guest WiFi access.

How will we approach this?

Unlike previous versions, iOS 11 (finally!) recognises QR codes directly from the camera app . Evidently, this can make a number of flows much more swift and practical!

At the same time, iOS will now let users join a network immediately from a scanned QR code.

These two features will make it extremely easy to let Spencer users give visitors access to WiFi networks.

With the new QR support in iOS 11, an employee who has Spencer installed will be able to easily have the app generate a QR code. The visitor can then scan that QR code in the native camera app on their device, and immediately be connected to the company’s guest network.

To make this work, the content of your QR code should follow this structure: WIFI:T:WPA;S:mynetwork;P:mypass;;. In this case, T indicates the authentication type (supporting only WEP, WPA, WPA2 or ‘nopass’), S stands for the network SSID and P (of course) represents the password.

Using Spencer as an example, this would become WIFI:T:WPA2;S:Spencer HQ Guest;P:starwars;;, resulting in the QR code below.

The resulting QR code

For more info on generating QR codes, I recommend you take a look at the awesome zxing library – it gives a great rundown of different types and contents.

We’re happy that Apple chose to embrace this connectivity feature (it’s been supported on Android devices for a while), we’re looking forward to implementing it in Spencer!

Want to help us do just that? Join us at Spencer!