WWDC 2017 feature mini-demos: Drag and Drop

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Jens Engineer

13 Jun 2017  ·  2 min read

This week, we're playing around with a number of iOS 11 features that were announced at WWDC! First up: drag and drop between apps.

Each year, our developers dive into the fresh material announced during Apple’s WWDC. In this series of mini-articles, we wanted to share our take on a few of the best new iOS 11 features!

First up is the new drag and drop mechanism. In iOS 11, you can let your users drag content from one app into another, when you have them both open in a split-screen view. This is great for a lot of use cases, like quickly dragging a quote into a presentation or dropping a picture into an email.

The feature is easy to implement with just a few lines of code – you can check out the official documentation here. You can use just one CollectionView and a TableView delegate method to provide content for dragging a cell, while it can still be implemented all-over.

We did a quick test of the feature in the BelgaBox app. We created this app for news agency Belga - it allows subscribing journalists to access the news and photo databases and feeds on their mobile device.

With the new drag and drop, journalists could quickly drag the text of a whole news article into any note-taking or emailing app, where they could continue working up their own draft. Equally simply, they can also drag one or more images in there, effectively bypassing the need for copying and pasting.

We’re firm believers in the impact of small improvements, so we look forward to finding more use cases for this feature!

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